Thursday, February 12, 2015

I have a confession to make..

And that's that I don't have a gift for my husband for Valentine's day. Yup. If I decide to give him a subscription box he'll never be the wiser for my gift giving slacking skills, right? What is a subscription box you ask (for those living under a rock, such as myself with most things)'s a relatively new thing where you pay 'x' amount and every month you get a box of goodies delivered right to your door! I think they are totally fun and if I had an endless amount of money there are several I've had my eye on that I would love to get. If you're in the same boat maybe these suggestions will help you too!

Loot Crate Which is a gamer/Comic subscription box that I know for certain my husband would love. They have different pricing plans for one month (cancel any time), 3,6 and 12 month plans. *

Game fly Game fly is like Netflix but with videogames! It's pretty cool and I'm not a big gamer myself. *

Nerd Block Box This one is really cool as they have different categories..a friend of mine gets the Horror block box and she gets some really cool goodies. *

Jerky of the month club This subscription would go over SO well in our house :) I mean, it's beef jerky. *

I don't feel like Valentine's day has to be just for couples! I think it's a day for other people you love in your life, even yourself! So I am not against getting yourself a gift either! I'm very much a fan of that philosophy :)

Love with food I used to get this box but canceled due to needing to shave off any extra spending but I enjoyed getting it. I love trying new foods I normally wouldn't come across and the snacks in this box did just that. And an added bonus is that they donate a box to to hungry kids in America, how awesome is that? *

Birch Box This seems to be a really popular box that a lot of people get. You get what seems like full sized products in your box. *

Chocolate of the month club Yes, please. *


  1. My son adores LootCrate. Sadly some are inappropriate for a 14 yo. But he's gotten the last 2 and they seem fine. What did you decide anyway? Comment 38 SB thebragal

  2. That's too bad they have to ruin things like that.

  3. I love monthly box subscriptions! I am thinking the snack Học or chocolate would be cool for me. I just joined a monthly stationery box.
    Me and my sweetie didn't exchange any goodies this year. So what did you do for your sweetie?

  4. Kraftykj from swap bot comment 38
    Thanks for sharing the monthly subscriptions! You had many that I hadn't heard about before!