Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Life Through Photos

I paid $15 and some change for this..That Bear naked granola is seriously so good! I bet it would be really good paired with some coconut milk.

This is the sign we have that you see once go back upstairs from our home theater room. I like how the sun was hitting it.

This weekend my husband and I tried Lark Burger for the first time. We were in Denver and I wanted to try a new place that we don't have where we live and the pictures on Yelp sold me. These parmesan and truffle fries were pretty good. So much so that we originally were going to share this huge serving but he wanted to order an another order lol

Free Snuggle? Sure, why not! Although I am not sure how good this stuff is for your clothing or skin because I popped one in the dryer and you could smell it through out both floors and I even saw Lucky sniffing at the air trying to figure out where the scent was coming from lol


  1. Lark Burger looks like a winner! I'm a vegetarian but those fries look delicious. This is what I miss about living in civilization. I live in a rural area out in the middle of nowhere and miss having access to good restaurants.

    Free Snuggle as in you got it with coupons entirely free?

  2. Did they close the Larkburger in COS? That's where I went when I first tried it! I don't remember what part of town it was in, but I think it was by a Herberger's or something like that.

    1. I thought there was but I haven't seen it..I don't even know where Herberger's is lol

  3. I couldn't tell you either. I'm horrible about remembering stuff like that, but I went to their site and it's still listed:http://larkburger.com/colorado-springs/ I remember it being a little hidden, but if you see the Herberger's and Kohl's (I think) you're close!