Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Life Through Photos

How cute is this photo?

I was super happy to have found a better deal on this granola, .75 a bag!

The obligatory Valentine's day photo of course. Notice my succulents in the back that are dying..nothing stays alive in our house because it doesn't get enough sunshine in :( And before we bought our house I thought it got a lot! Not quite, just more than the house we were living in.


  1. Kristy, what a cute dog. We had two little dogs for 16 years, but they died of old age. We still miss them. Hope yours lives forever. Succulents often die more for over watering than lack of light.

  2. Something about pugs. I think they are such great little dogs, packed with personality! Have you thought about buying a small Ott-lite (full spectrum) for the plants? It might help perk them up. :)

  3. So envy you have a dog. I wish to but I can't due to my 'housemates' not wanting to have a dog :(
    Love the photo when both are looking at each other. Super cute!
    -- cfchai (Comment and follow #38)