Thursday, February 19, 2015

Zoo trips

Below are some photos I took with a 'REAL' camera of the two trips we've made in the past couple of weeks to both the zoo in our city and the Denver zoo. The day we went to our zoo it was so cold! Snow on the ground (but thankfully not ice) and just really cold and the day we went to the Denver zoo it was in the mid 70s, in the middle of winter mind you!

Seeing the photos I took of this polar bear (the reason I prefer this zoo over ours) makes me sad for this guy...he seems to be alone in his enclosure and that's terrible as I am sure he/she gets very lonely! =/ It makes me want to give him a big ole' bear hug (see what I did there?)...okay maybe not..


  1. The animals look extra cute in their wonderland, but I feel bad for the poor polar bear too now >_<. My favorites had to be the fish of course haha. It's been soooo very long since I've been to the zoo, personally and you're making me want to go. [Comment and Follow #38 - AJStarfish]

  2. Nice shots, Kristy. I love the zoo too. We have a great zoo in Kiev, Ukraine that I've visited many times. And I always take waaaayyyy too many pictures. I'm sure that 70 degree days was much more pleasant. In warm weather our zoo has lots of lovely vegetation as well. Nice posting.

  3. Lovely photos! I haven't been to the zoo since I was 9 years old in Germany. Seeing the tigers was my favourite part~ which animals do you like visiting the most?

    [Comment and follow #38]

  4. Wow! You capture a great moment of the snoring cat! Love your photos!
    -- cfchai (Comment and follow #38)

  5. So cool that you ventured out into the cold and you went to the ZOO! Awesome! I haven't been to the zoo in ages, and seeing this post made me miss it. And yes, that bear sure had a sad face, poor guy!

    ((coming here from your swap on swap-bot, follow #39))

  6. Oh my gosh.
    Oh my gosh!
    Pardon the all caps, but polar bears happen to be my favorite animal of all time and I just about peed myself by squeezing so much when your blog loaded. So adorable. And the pics you took are awesome!

    Melissa (nightdescends on swapbot)

  7. Amazing photos! I never seem to get much but blurs at the zoo!

  8. The furry ones definitely made me wanna give them all a big hug!

    Dropping by via nomElizabeth for Comment and follow #38